By train

Trains arrive in Kaunas from Kaliningrad, Minsk, Warsaw, Vilnius and a handful of other destinations in-between. The imposing Socialist Realist building was completed in 1953 and is worth a quick look around. Of particular interest is the main hall, featuring some classic white sheaves of wheat in relief high up on the walls. Despite the switch to capitalism, facilities haven’t improved much. Toilets (free) can be found downstairs. If you want to leave your bags, don’t bring very large ones as the lockers (4Lt) next to the ticket office aren’t very big. There’s an ATM, an average café and a branch of the Regional Tourist Information Centre and not a lot else inside.

Getting to town If you don’t want to walk the 20-minutes or so required to get to the centre, catch a trolleybus across the street, reached via the underpass at the front of the building. All trolleybuses go via the city centre. Taxis can usually be found waiting just to the right as you leave the station.

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