Making the call

Making the call
In Lithuania it’s necessary to insert an 8 at the beginning of every telephone number, except when calling within a city from one fixed line telephone to another, or if you’re dialling from outside the country. It’s a bit like an area code for the whole country, only it isn’t. The numbers listed in this guide include the full international (+370) plus city (37) and mobile (6) codes. Like most things, it’s fiendishly difficult to get to grips with, but easy once you know it. Here’s what you need to know. 
Using a fixed line telephone To call a number inside Kaunas, just dial the last seven digits of the numbers listed in this guide. To call to another city or a Lithuanian mobile, find the code you need (it’s always a 6 for a mobile) and dial the last seven-digits preceded with an 8. To make an international call, dial 00 before the country and city codes and subscriber number.
Using a Lithuanian mobile phone Calling another mobile is the same as calling a mobile as above. To call a fixed line telephone in Lithuania, precede it with an 8 and the city code, then finish off with the subscriber number.
Roaming To call a fixed line telephone in Lithuania, use +370 followed by the city code and subscriber number. Calling a Lithuanian mobile is almost the same as from a fixed line telephone (see above) only you should dial the last eight numbers (ie. the code and subscriber number), preceded of course with +370.

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