Boasting a unique design which incorporates historical buildings into a modern interior, this is one of the biggest shopping and entertainment centres in the land. Akropolis features more than 250 stores, a large Maxima supermarket as well as 15 restaurants, ice rink and cinema complex. Easily accessible by public transport there is also parking for 2500 cars.

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Akropolis Comments

  • Visited Kaunas in July and loved the place! Also visited Akropolis. And wondered if this (and similar shopping centers) are really the places where average Lithuanians go shopping. Most shops were very expensive designer boutiques with clothes were just as expensive as in Finland, or even more. My understanding is that average wages in Lithuania are about 600 EUR (right?). If this is true, who can afford to buy anything there? Where do average women with average wages go shopping in Kaunas…?
  • The Akropolis in Kaunas is amazing! There are countless number of high-class clothing stores and restaurants. It is a must for EVERY traveler!
  • Kaunas is the most nicest and beautiful town of all the towns in Lithuania . Kaunas , has loads of attractions , such as Akropolis and so on.
  • Kaunas has probably the most interesting large shopping sites in Lithuania. As it was mentioned by Matt Mormnace, Kaunas Akropolis is the best with western standard parking lot of 4 levels; Mega shopping mall attracts everyone with aquarium&sharks feeding while Urmas shopping area has an old-fashioned train where you may enjoy a cup of nice coffee or tea
  • Akropolis is great with its many shops and mixture of new and old architecture. By far the best mall in Lithuania.


Shops 10:00 - 21:00, Entertainment 10:00 – 24:00, Maxima Supermarket 08:00 - 22:00.


Karaliaus Mindaugo 49


(+370) 659 382 62



Credit Cards Wi-fi City centre location Guarded parking Facilities for disabled Child-friendly Air-conditioning

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