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Wireless Free wireless internet in the centre of Klaipėda is slowly reaching saturation point, with scores of hotels, restaurants, bars and even shopping centres now providing fast connection speeds at no cost. If you can't find a free connection, the national Zebra network offers a range of paid services including a handy option for browsing over a 24 hour period for just 5Lt, which is available via SMS to anyone with a local mobile number.

3G/4G Bitė ( and Omnitel ( provide 3G services for laptop connection to the internet allegedly wherever you are within Lithuania. Far from perfect, if you’re prepared for slightly slower speeds than broadband and the occasional loss of signal then one of these services might me just for you. The above-mentioned mobile operators also offer the so-called pre-4G services, although the only true 4G service is provided by Mezon (, which can be ordered with the help of a local for a period of two weeks for just 29Lt. We've been using Mezon for several months now and have no complaints whatsoever.

Dialup Assuming you’ve got an RJ-11 plug on the end of your cable (visitors from the UK please note that you probably don’t), a nifty, hassle-free dialup option is available for those who can’t find any other connection. Simply dial tel. 890 15 55 55 from anywhere in the country using your dial-up software of choice leaving the username and password blank and away you go. Calls are charged at a standard 0.12Lt/min at all times from a private line (this figure may well be a lot higher in a hotel), and everything is charged directly to whoever’s telephone account you’re using.

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