Nidos Kempingas [Nida Camping]

Nidos Kempingas
There's actually a full range of accommodation offered here, ranging from a patch of dirt on which you can stick a tent to some gorgeous apartments with kitchenettes, satellite television and modern bathrooms. Communal facilities for campers include toilets, showers, a kitchen and laundry. There's also a children’s playground and good security to ensure that nothing gets stolen when you’re slumming it by the water.

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Taikos 45a


(+370) 682 411 50
fax:(+370) 469 520 45



10 Total rooms
200 - 490Lt

There is a complicated pricing scheme with different prices for tents, cars, camper vans, caravans and the people in them. The minimum is 28Lt per night for a person in a tent who turns up on a bicycle out of season.

Credit Cards Sauna Swimming pool Conference facilities Restaurant Wi-fi Dogs Allowed Guarded parking

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