Indian Maharaja

What started out as a serious-looking contender to the unbeatable Sue's Indian Raja has over a relatively short period of time opted for the tedious Lithuanian habit of going downhill fast. You tend to get what you pay for in life, which in the case of Indian Maharaja is at best average Indian food that panders more and more to local tastes. Although the food is by no means bad, proper Indian food needs to be, well, proper, and this is no longer the case here. 


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Indian Maharaja Comments

  • I wish Chende all the best with his restaurant. He waited on me more than once when he worked at Sue's and he's a very sympathetic character. That said I was very disappointed in the meal I had in his restaurant. The chicken tikka masala I ordered had only a few limp strands of chicken in a nearly flavorless sauce. I ate little of it and went to another place for dinner. I would have to say also that neatness and possibly cleanliness appeared to be an issue on the day I visited the restaurant. I'm not sure if I would make the effort to go back there when Sue's is right in town near my usual hotel.
  • The place seems to have re-opened recently perhaps under different management - though despite the different faces I can't confirm this. I tried it before and it was rubbish. It was beyond terrible this time. I don't like to admonish businesses over the internet but the 'couldn't-be-___ed' attitude of the management combined with the new ludicrous prices left me feeling genuinely cheated. It was full when we entered but we waited over 20 minutes for our order to be taken from menus (which we had to get up and take ourselves). They had one waitress working who had absolutely no concept of prioritising - other tables waited even longer than us. What really bothered me was the manager seemed completely oblivious to all of this - sitting on the barstool focused on the TV. Why she didn't help out - pouring beers or whatever was beyond me...We ordered a starter of Onion Bhaji only to be told later they were 'out of this'. Out of what exactly? Onions? So instead we opted for the vegetable samosas only to be told they were out of this too. They only could offer popadums instead (since I guess it didn't require and effort to prepare) - at 4lt for two it seemed rather ridiculous.The most disappointing of all were the mains - lamb madras and vegetable roghan josh. Make no mistake about it these were neither of these. Some flavourless gravy with pieces of gristle and frozen vegetables. And no I'm not exaggerating. Even the only decent thing - the beer was snatched from me with more than a few mouthfuls still left in it! We could laugh it all off as an unfortunate joke if it wasn't for the bill - 61lt for 2 terrible curries 2 popadums 1 'indian style bread' (that's right they didn't even have naans) and 2 beers. I can think of plenty of other places in the centre of Vilnius where a couple may eat much MUCH better for only half the cost.

    Welcome to Lithuania Jason. I'll go and have another look at this place soon. Ed.
  • This place seems to now be out of business. There are large "under construction" posters in the windows.
  • Good food & really indian chicken is very good.
  • what a tasty food excellent meal specialy butter chicken with indian bread and price is so cheap staff so friendly this is really good place to have a meal .
  • I went last week in maharaja restaurant really chandershekhar's preapration was fantastic & indian food is really good. Best wishes for ChandershekharSelvam
  • Unfortunately a very poor experience on our recent visit.They had run out of poppadoms, naan bread, prawns and most suprisingly for any vilnius eatery - Beer!The food that was available ranged from the bizarre (chicken chat as a cold salad!) to the uninspiring (each of the seven main course curries ordered).At the end of the meal the ink had even run out on the credit card machine!Was really hoping to find a viable alternative to Sues (not a real fan of there) but was instead left very dissappointed.It was one of the funniest nights recently but far all the wrong reasons..... and worse the first really negative dining experience I have had in the last 15 months in Vilnius


Open 10:30 - 23:00, Fri 10:30 - 24:00, Sat 12:00 - 24:00, Sun 13:00 - 22:00.


Trakų 4


(+370) 662 116 00


Credit Cards Wi-fi City centre location Takeaway Air-conditioning

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