Green Bridge [Žaliasis Tiltas]

Green Bridge
A bridge of one description or another has stood on the spot of the Green Bridge since 1536. The current 103-metre metal construction dates from 1952 and was originally named after a Red Army general. The four groups of extraordinary sculptures at each corner represent agriculture (3.2m, sculptors B. Bučas and P. Vaivada), industry and construction (3.2m, sculptors N. Petrulis and B. Vyšniauskas), peace (4m, sculptor B. Pundzius) and that old Soviet chestnut, youth (3.2m, sculptors J. Mikėnas and J. Kėdainis). One of a few examples of blatantly Soviet art still in a public place, the Socialist Realist masterpieces have evaded removal on the grounds that they represent no real people living or dead. Criminally rusting and falling apart, something needs to be done to ensure that they stay around for many years to come. Meanwhile, underneath the bridge can be found  Kunotas Vildžiūnas' contemporary work Grandinė (Chain). Yawn.

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