Public transport

Public transport
Skopje's public transport system is composed entirely of old buses which have colour-coded roofs. The ones with red roofs are state-owned JSP buses, while the white-roofed ones are the slightly cheaper private buses (ignore whatever colours are on the sides). Day and evening services run approximately 05:00 - 23:00 with a limited service throughout the night on all of the major routes. Tickets are based on a zone system, with the city centre as Zone 1. A ride within Zone 1 on a JSP bus will set you back 30den if bought on the bus or 25den if you buy the ticket in a kiosk. You can travel even cheaper by buying a 10-ride card for 225den. The price for the same trip in a private bus is 20den, with tickets sold only on the bus and no bulk-purchase deals. There is no public transport information centre, although the kiosks at the end of the lines have the schedules posted.

For more information see JSP's website at

Some useful bus routes

N°20 From the train station past the old bazaar to Sutka.
N°22 From the train station to the west side of the city centre.
N°57 From the city centre to the old bazaar.
N°9 From behind the Ramstore Mall to the old bazaar.
N°5, 15 and 24 Along the main east-to-west streets.
N°23 Looping around the east part of the city centre.
N°19 From the Central Post Office via the old bazaar to Sutka.

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