Ferijalen Dom [Youth Hostel]

Twenty-six rooms including fairly decent doubles and a couple of apartments in what is in actual fact a hotel that gives discounts to holders of YHA cards. The doubles are pretty good, each coming with air conditioning, clean showers and cable television. The apartments are a bit bigger and have baths. It must have been pretty nice when it opened, but time has taken its toll, and the place is slowly and graciously falling apart. Breakfast is served in the adjoining restaurant, which must be the only youth hostel restaurant on the planet featuring a good wine list and waiters in bow ties. Not the cheapest sleep in town, but it is a fairly good budget option just around the corner from the bus and train stations.

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Ferijalen Dom Comments

  • Single is $45 as of today. Seems expensive given how cheap taxis are, $2 from train station, and omelettes with Greek salad 3.68 in the adjoining restaurant


Prolet 25


311 48 49
fax:316 50 29




singles €31
doubles €50

Credit Cards Restaurant Wi-fi Guarded parking Air-conditioning


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