All public telephones in Macedonia are card-operated and have English instructions. Post offices also have telephones where you can pay in cash after you finish your call. Telephone cards worth 150, 250 and 500den are for sale at post offices and kiosks.
Getting a landline installed in your home takes 5-7 working days; you need to request the line in person at one of the Macedonian telecommunication shops. For information in English dial tel. 171.

To make a call within Macedonia, dial the two- or three-digit city code if you are not in that city, or the mobile phone code, followed by the 7-digit subscriber's number. From mobile phones, the city code always needs to be dialled. To call abroad from any phone, dial 00 followed by the country code 389, the city code and the subscriber's number.

Macedonia's city telephone codes are:
Bitola 047
Ohrid 046
Kumanovo 031
Prilep 048
Skopje 02
Stip 032
Strumica 034
Tetovo 044
Veles 043

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