The 1950s Belgian jukebox that gave this late night 40-something hangout its name hasn’t twirled a record in years, but it doesn’t seem to bother the locals who pack the place to bursting at the weekends. Amidst the old upright piano and walls piled high with iconic photographs you can sit and get thoroughly inebriated with a range of local artists and professionals, take in a bit of cabaret and cough your lungs onto the table, cursing the inefficiency of the extractor fans. Somewhat strangely Juke Box doesn’t serve coffee, which does make you wonder what the punters here are using to keep themselves awake.

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Jukebox Comments

  • Very pleasant club, enjoyed good live music!


Open 20:00-03:00.


Orce Nikolov 99


322 72 94

Live Music Outside seating Air-conditioning

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