Piazza Liberta

A mostly educated crowd gather here upstairs in the smoking saloon most evenings to chatter, watch a bit of sport, and throw peanut shells over their trousers. You get complimentary peanuts with every drink, and on a good night going to the toilet here is not unlike shuffling your way across a huge hamster cage. The bar is named after Sloboda (peace) Square, the pretty oval square that was here until the 1963 earthquake ruined nearly all surrounding buildings. Highly recommended.

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Piazza Liberta Comments

  • This is a great, cheery yet relaxed place to hang out. When I lived in Skopje, this was one of my favourite places to be after work. I highly recommend this place to any visitor, or Macedonian who has yet to visit this place.


Open 08:00-24:00, Fri, Sat 08:00-01:00.


Dimitrie Cupovski 24


322 48 07

Outside seating Non-smoking Air-conditioning


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