Looking like a cross between a Czech beer hall and a supermarket, Pivnica has a wooden ceiling, seating on two levels and a counter with cheeses and strung-up legs of ham. The wood-fired oven turns out great pizzas though the Macedonian fish dishes are more authentic. The walls are decorated with old photographs of Skopje. Look closely at the bird’s-eye view of the main square pre-1963 and you’ll see a double-decker London bus.

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Pivnica Comments

  • Poor food arrogant servers more expensive than the competition. The place must be coasting on its history. Walk in take a look at the venue and eat somewhere else.
  • Stay away, food is horrible. I ordered chicken fillet, it was severely undercooked, bloody in some places. There are many good restaurants in Skopje - this definitely isn't one of them.
  • Do not go here. We tried the pepper steak, which was absolutely killed and on top I would put money on that it was not beef at all! The sauce was a white milky sauce with some remote sense of pepper, a disaster. This was our second visit here and the first was just as bad, and at that time we tried a local speciality.
  • This is my favourite restaurant! The Giavolo pizza with extra garlic added is worth the trip any day! Great service and a cozy place to relax.


Open, Sun 08:00-24:00, Fri, Sat 08:00-01:00.


Maksim Gorki 1


322 11 73


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