Ramstore Mall

Ramstore Mall
The most exciting thing to come to Skopje since Alexander the Great, this glitzy, curiously named mall is the first of its kind in Macedonia. Decorated with plastic palm trees, there's a deafening din and everyone smokes. There's a good supermarket, ATM, exchange office, cinema, pharmacy, bookshop and a dry cleaner's. There are several cafés, of which the Diamond Bar, Stage Café and Mambo are the best. The food court has a McDonald's, Smiley's, City Grill, Aladin and a kebab stall. The Camarade news agent next to the western exit has a good selection of foreign newspapers – today's papers arrive daily between 16:00 and 18:00.

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Ramstore Mall Comments

  • Does everyone still smoke inside the mall or is smoking now banned?
  • Great Mall indeed.
  • I have been there, and it's good, I like it.
  • Great shopping centre, I love the way you did the food court. Great job.
  • About the name: the owner of this mall is Koç Holding A.Ş., the top industrial conglomerate in Turkey. The Koç family, Turkey's wealthiest dynasty, controls the company with its headquarter in Nakkaştepe, Istanbul. The first firm of the company was established by Vehbi Koç in 1926. The first part of the name, Ram, is the English translation of Koç.

    EDITOR: Thanks, Milco!
  • The name of Ramstore has some meaning! Can somebody comment on the roots of the name of the mall?
  • The expression "since Alexander the Great" is completely wrong. Alexandre the Great was born in ancient Vergina, located in modern Greece and had nooo relation with what is now (wrongly) called Macedonia. He spoke also ancient Greek and had Greek culture. So please next time be more accurate.

    EDITOR: Oh dear, we have been caught with our pants down promoting an aggressive irrevisionist view of history with this outrageous review. Seriously, we saw Alex shopping for new underwear and toothpaste just last week at Ramstore, so if he doesn't mind living and shopping in peace with everybody, why should you?
  • hi i would like to say we should have more stores like these in skopje keep them coming people best of luck in the future bravo decki taka treba cao od toplata avstralia
  • It's OK, a smoking hell-hole though, can't breath in there. What I really need is a laundromat, not a dry cleaners - for 12 days of clothes for a family of 6. And McDonald's sells beer - amazing.
  • I have a friend in Skopje, so , when i go there ,I'll visit this mall.
  • i think that is perfect no coment for ramstore
  • It's a great place to visit and enjoy all the cafés and shops. I think Macedonia needs more of these stores. Great work!
  • I think that the comments you made for the Ramstore Mall are completely inappropirate, and ridiculous. This mall is completely worthless, and hold more cafes and restaurants, than actual shops. Finally, it is definitely not the best thing to come to Skopje since Alexander the Great, mainly because Alexander was never in Skopje, because Skopje did not exist back then. So please instead of spending time on this stupid comments, go to school and learn a little bit of history.
  • I love it how 300 cafes can be under the same roof and all survive (I love Mambo).
  • There's actually a McDonald's now...and it's definately a time killer. They've opened up several new shops as well. I love it there :-)
  • Zdravo, Kakoe si? This is a great mall wished there were more of these in Macedonia. This is a one stop-shop for any kind of shopping a great place to be. Also, who needs a McDonalds?


Open 10:00-22:00.


Mito Hadzivasilev bb


317 80 30



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