Kursumli Han

The beautiful Kursumli Han is a bit tricky to get to but well worth visiting. Reached via the courtyard or parking lot of the National Museum, it is the best of the three surviving caravanserais, or inn complexes in Skopje. Called the Lead Inn for the the lead on its roof, it was built in 1550 by Mula Musledin Hodza, who was the son of Abdul Gani, a scientist at Sultan Selikm II’s court. Merchants arriving in Skopje with their goods and animals used the han as their base during market days. The first courtyard would have been for the merchants, with the goods and animals in the second courtyard (only visible from the first floor windows). The complex suffered during the fire and earthquake. Left of the entrance are the remains of a haman (bath house), while there are no traces left of the mosque attached to the han. After serving time as a prison and an armoury, the han has now been restored and is home to the National Museum’s statue collection. The grassy courtyard has a tinkling fountain and is surrounded by two tiers of high arches, behind which are the dusty rooms that once housed the merchants.

Admission free.

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