Chinese chef Mr. Li runs the kitchen of Podgorica's first Asian eatery, serving a wide range of popular Kineski dishes, toned down in intensity for Balkan tastes. The narrow, double-level restaurant has lavish Chinese decorations and plinkity-ploink music to synchronise your chopstick skills to.


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Shanghai Comments

  • I love this place! Not so chinese tasting, but delectable, and there was a chinese lady who cooked our food.
  • I heard that it used to be a very popular place, then the owner decided to get rid of the Chinese chef (who now runs a restaurant in Kotor I believe). Since then it's been a bit rubbish.
  • Ted exaggerates. Sure it could be better and its not super authentic but it's tasty enough and a nice break from the endless sea of local cuisine. Probably as good as can be expected in Podgorica until local tastes expand a bit.
  • I doubt that any self respecting Chinese chef would admit to having a hand in the dishes served at this restaurant. There is absolutely NOTHING Chinese about it.


Open 11:00-23:00.


Stanka Dragojevića 14


+382 69 12 01 20


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