Blues Bar

The Blues Bar offers a touch of Mexico in Montenegro; the rear dining room is used for serving local versions of faita, kvasadilja, burito, encilada and gvakamolja sos. Tex-Mex lovers better stick to drinking in the section at the front, with events posters and local paintings on the walls.

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Blues Bar Comments

  • I've eaten at Srde's place quite a few times mostly when waiting to meet my carpenter when I was restoring my house. Much as I like the vibe of the bar and the decor the food was dreadful. The nacho plates just about pass muster but the rest is about as Mexican as I am and no tastier...
  • I hope things have looked up since I last visited in November but I experienced the worst attempt at Mexican food I've had in my life and having lived in Eastern Europe for 14 years I know bad Mexican food. The burrito contained an entire helping of canned mushrooms and nothing else, the guacamole was made out of any of various ingredients save avocados and crepes were used in place of tortillas. Which is especially strange given that you can buy tortillas and avocados at at least one local supermarket. Try Me Gusta on Jola Piletica for a less embarrassing attempt at Tex-Mex.
  • I eat there a lot... you should definitely try chips and dip, nachos, mexican baked beans... I don't know a single person who does not adore it! And its pretty cheap. There is a lot of not-Mexican-like food.


Open 08:00-24:00.


Novaka Miloševa 44


+382 67 20 24 44

Wi-fi Outside seating Air-conditioning

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