Eamon Maguire Bodhráns and Bog Oak Sculptures

Eamon Maguire Bodhráns and Bog Oak Sculptures
Bodhrán-maker extraordinaire Eamon Maguire designs and builds these finely decorated traditional Irish drums in a workshop choc-o-bloc with an array of eye-catching ye olde artifacts. The unfinished space has a real 'treasure trove' appeal making it the ideal backdrop for Eamon's bodhráns (say borons) and Bog Oak sculptures. Look for the Falls Fine Arts sign along the side of the big brick Conway Mill.

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Eamon Maguire Bodhráns and Bog Oak Sculptures Comments

  • fantastic talent Eamon love the detail in your bodhran I have left a message on your phone if you could give me a call grma


Open 09:00-17:00, Sat 10:00-14:00.


Conway Mill, Conway St, off Falls Rd


(+44) (0)28 9031 2806
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