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The concept of In Your Pocket has always been to provide our readers and website users with as much relevant information as possible about the city they are visiting and to allow them to make up their own minds. In addition to the hundreds of hotel listings, with full descriptions and up-to-date details (researched every 2-4 months), available on our website - - we also offer a hotel price comparison function on our website. Called HotelCalculator, this free service compares hotel prices for the nights selected from across dozens of different web booking engines, such as,, and more. You are then presented with the best rates available online, which are often well below the official rack rates. Once you select the rate you want, you are transferred to the relevant site with whom you book direct. It couldn't be simpler, more effective or more in keeping with our policy of providing independent, unsolicited information to our readers. Take a look at the next time you are searching for a room in Poland and see what In Your Pocket with HotelCalculator can find for you.

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