Bellmer Café

This hidden gem in the basement of the Silesian Theatre is where elegantly dressed young people go to drink beer in the afternoon. Paying homage to local gothic/erotic surrealist Hans Bellmer through an abundance of seriously oddball paintings and posters, mismatched furnishings and fabrics, this isn't the 'nachtkabaret' one might wish for, but Bellmer Cafe still stands out as a curious cult venue, the likes of which Katowice could use a few more of. Unfortunately because of the ongoing renovations in the City Center you might have to use a grappling hook to gain entry to the building. But don't worry Bellmer will be waiting with bells on. Due to renovations Bellmer will be closed from May 1st until the early autumn.

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Open 12:00 - 24:00.


ul. Warszawska 2 (basement of the Silesian Theatre)


(+48) 607 94 20 19


Credit Cards Wi-fi Dogs Allowed Non-smoking

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