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Hotels & Apartments in Katowice

Hotels & Apartments in KatowicePhoto: Jan Mechlich
Katowice and Silesia in general is first and foremost a business destination although it is quickly becoming a premier event hub for festivals, concerts, conferences and sports competitions. Reflecting this fact is the presence of an ever expanding choice of a broad range of Hotel options with the lions share going to business class hotels.  Still, you can find some decent low-price options especially if you’re willing to lay your head a bit further from the action. With the business crowd disappearing off to home at the end of the week, most hotels offer substantial discounts over the weekend. In fact, with the increasing irrelevance of official rack rates these days due to online booking discounts, special offers and other price variations, we no longer find it particularly instructive to list room prices in our guide. Case in point, anyone who uses the Hotel Calculator function on our website – – will find a better rate than the official prices we once printed; as such, we encourage you to do just that and you can thank us later.  Hotelsare located in various cities and suburbs throughout the Silesian Metropolis. Happy pillow hunting. Dobranoc! 


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