angelo Hotel Katowice

Angelo is a fantastic addition to Katowice's accommodation offerings. Angelo does just that with a distinctive and appealing colour palette of black, white, red and yellow, and modern suites and rooms which - with the substitution of the bed for a couple drafting tables - could competently pass for the office of an architectural firm. Inside them find amenities such as DVD players, plasma TVs, adjustable AC and that coveted 'new hotel' smell; facilities include fitness studio and sauna, restaurant, a jazz bar (which now also serves up burgers and steaks!), underground parking and conference facilities with something called 'sunlight.' Add to it a great location and you've got a winner.

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ul. Sokolska 24


(+48) 32 783 81 00



203 Total rooms
181 singles
181 doubles
5 suites
17 apartments

Fitness centre Sauna Conference facilities Restaurant Facilities for disabled Child-friendly Smoking place Air-conditioning

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