A smart looking 'private' restobar located close to the centre of Katowice. The bare-bricks, comfy sofas and black-clad staff give the venue a classy feel and the laid-back sounds, shiny bar and eclectic menu all win points if you like the place you’re in to look as good as you. The food ranges from steaks to pasta, and the duck breast baked in honey with carmel sauce and potatoes comes recommended. Food is prepared in an open kitchen which tends to fill the place with cooking smells, but shows off the skill of the chef. The skills of the barmen are also on display via a great cocktail list and on weekends people come out to party as much as to clean their plates.


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Open 12:00 - 24:00. Closed Sun.


ul. Mikołowska 9


(+48) 32 701 55 94


Wi-fi Takeaway Child-friendly Non-smoking

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