Overseen by a team of older women, Felicidad's strange, somewhat tatty interior incorporates elements of an Irish pub (including the misleading four-leaf clover they use as a logo), a medieval tavern and a granny's attic before the yard sale. Supposedly this is an opportunity to taste some Portuguese cuisine, but the overpriced menu hardly makes Portugal seem the exotic culinary destination you might expect, with highlights being the small selection of port wines and the garlic soup - strong enough to set you right after smoking a pack of cigarettes the night before and vamp-proofing you for the night ahead. Very popular with businessmen incessantly answering their phones.


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Open 11:30 - 21:30. Closed Sat, Sun.


ul. Sobieskiego 10


(+48) 507 04 27 61



Dogs Allowed Home Delivery Takeaway Facilities for disabled Non-smoking No Credit cards

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