Restauracja Autorska Adama Gesslera

We've been a fan of Gessler's from the beginning, and the arrival of his now well-established and well-loved brand at Katowice's Best Western Hotel is probably the most exciting Silesian culinary event since the discovery of the potato. Unfortunately if you're not staying upstairs you'll have to make a special trip to experience it, but the location near the fringe of Chorzów's Park of Culture and Recreation has it well-placed to be part of a splendid day out. Serving delicious regional fare, Gessler's trademarks are all intact here, including the open kitchen and excellent service from the chefs themselves, who personally bring the food straight from the pan to your warm plate. Elegance, atmosphere and a memorable experience are virtually guaranteed. Certainly the best way to experience Polish food, and highly recommended.


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Open 13:00 - 23:00 .


ul. Bytkowska 1a (Best Western Premier Katowice Hotel)


(+48) 32 721 11 66


Wi-fi Dogs Allowed Takeaway Facilities for disabled Non-smoking

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