Pre-planned Plebeian Paradise

Pre-planned Plebeian Paradisepicture: Courtesy of Katowice City Council
The former workers’ districts of Nikiszowiec and Giszowiec are home to some highly unique early 20th century architecture as well as an excellent modern art gallery, a magnificent church and a few additional offbeat attractions. These two forgotten attempts at plebeian paradise are earmarked on Silesia’s ‘Industrial Monuments Route’ (available at all Silesian tourist information offices) and offer intrepid visitors a confounding, yet fascinating glimpse at a foregone age. These neighbourhoods are slowly coming back to life as cafes and bars are creeping in and more and more curious tourists are poking around. Pack yourself a lunch, grab your camera, and off you go.

Katowice » Sightseeing » Nikiszowiec & Giszowiec

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