Forest Park of Culture [Leśny Park Kultury i Wypoczynku "Myślęcinek"]

Forest Park of Culture
Covering some 800 hectares of glorious forest and meadow land north of the city centre, the spectacular Forest Park of Culture offers visitors a wealth of things to see and do. Originally a series of individual park lands, the park became one large entity in 1970, and is a hugely popular place during the summer. As well as enjoying peaceful walks through woodland and picnics on the grass, the park also contains a zoo, marvellous botanical gardens, a horse riding centre, a three-kilometre narrow gauge railway track and even a small ski slope to keep people coming here in the winter. Also find a few cafés scattered about and the traditional Karczma Kujawska restaurant at the far northern end. To get there take tram N°1 or 2 from ul. Gdańska north to the final stop. The park is immediately to the north across the road.

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ul. Gdańska 173-175


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