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Christmas in Poland

Christmas in PolandA Christmas market traditionally takes place in Targ Weglowy
As a deeply religious country there is more to Christmas in Poland than partying and presents and a major difference compared to many countries in the 'west' is that the most important day is the 24th.

You can read more about the traditions, the legends and the food, here.

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  • Editor Poland - 18 December 2014
    Shops close early on the 24th to allow staff to get home to celebrate Wigilia and then most are closed for the first and second days of Christmas (25th and 26th). There is a law now that the owner of the shop must be there if he/she wants to open on a public holiday which is why you'll now see more local grocery stores opened than you would a few years ago but all the big shopping centres are bolted shut until the 27th.
  • Jani - 17 December 2014
    What shops / restaurants are open during 25.12 - 26.12. ?
  • Editor Poland - Gdansk, Poland 18 September 2012
    There is a Christmas Market in Gdansk. It is held in the square at the top of Dluga. You can see it here. http://1inyourpocket.com2poland/gdansk/concerts-culture-events-entertainment/Special-Events/Christmas-Market_108066v
  • Heikki Hulkkonen - Kankaanpaa, Finland 16 September 2012
    Is there any Christmas Market in Gdnask? If any, when they starts?

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