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Restaurants in Gdansk

Restaurants in GdanskHard Rock Cafe has arrived in Gdansk
Dining in Gdańsk continues to improve and there are now a few restaurants which we receive regular positive emails about to the office. The figures in brackets denote the approximate price of the cheapest and dearest main course on the menu. The opening hours we list are flexible and are rough guidelines as to when you can expect the chef to be working. If business is slow people will have no qualms about shutting early particularly out of season. Service in general has improved considerably, although it can still be annoying slow. Also beware of using ‘thank you’ when paying for your bill. This is often taken to mean ‘Keep the change’.
With the number of bars and restaurants ever increasing we now find ourselves having to choose a selection of our comprehensive collection of up-to-date, independently written reviews for the print edition and this selection is designed to give you some tips and warnings as to where to spend your time and money. All of our content can, however, be found online.


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