Café Bar Mon Balzac

Café Bar Mon Balzac
You’ll find most customers using Balzac as a drinkery, and a very good one at that, but don’t for one moment think the menu is an afterthought here. Meals here include a variety of breakfast options and a range of French and international dishes during the day. All this in a warm environment featuring lots of bare bricks and big, plump sofas from where you can watch the live music played on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.


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Café Bar Mon Balzac Comments

  • great for breakfast lunch snack. Realaxed place with great scrammbled egg croc monsieur cheese pancakes etc. Nice beers try kozlac or porter of wheat beer


Open 08:00 - 24:00.


ul. Piwna 36/39, Gdańsk


(+48) 58 682 25 25


City card Wi-fi Dogs Allowed Takeaway Live Music Outside seating Child-friendly Non-smoking

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