One of the oldest established places in town, Napoli has been serving pizza since the time it was considered a delicacy in these parts. It might be argued that with the passing of the years, more modern, more Italian (this place is Polish owned), even more tasty pizzerias have opened but the fact is there are some days when Napoli still feels like the place to go. Also offering a range of simple but tasty meat dishes for the non-pizza lovers out there.


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Napoli Comments

  • Great Pizzas for when you want something simple to fill the kids up
  • Tourist trap. AND service with an attitude! They served people who came after us before us..then proceeded to serve my pizza 15 minutes before my husband's AND then wanted to make us pay more for a substitution that they wrongly claimed was an addition! Typical tourist trap tricks. Never going there again!
  • Napoli has a great selection pizzas, I had the Calzone and it hit the spot. Came back the following evening and tried the steak, which was a mis-'steak'! Ask for steak rare, came cooked within an inch of its life. Service on both occasions was excellent. My advice: if you want a pizza, come here, if you don't, you'd be better off elsewher
  • We ate from the a la carté here and beware, it was absolutely awful. The beef was overcooked, the veggies dry and the chips cold.One of the worst places to eat in a town with plenty of bad restaurants...


Open 11:00 - 23:00; Sat, Sun 11:00 - 24:00.


ul. Długa 62/63, Gdańsk


(+48) 58 301 41 46


City card Takeaway Child-friendly Smoking place

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