There are a number of local drinks which will make for excellent presents and souvenirs none more so than the Gdansk signature drink – Goldwasser. Distilled in the city since the 17th century it is a sweet juniper based drink containing pieces of gold leaf making for a visually impressive gift. The original recipe was taken to Germany at the end of WWII and this ‘Original Der Lachs’ version can still be bought in the Pod Lososiem restaurant while a German resident of the city has created excellent boxed sets of Goldwasser which can be bought through his restaurant on the waterfront.

Poland is also home to some of the world’s best vodkas and while Chopin and Belvedere are regarded as the best Polish brands it is also worth keeping an eye for something called Zubrowka, a vodka flavoured with a type of grass from the primeval Bialowieza Forest in eastern Poland. Remarkably cheap in comparison to the other drinks mentioned here, it is usually drunk with apple juice in what is known locally as a tatanka.

Finally you will also find in selected places bottles of Nalewka which are vodka or spirit based alcohols which have been mixed with various fruits and left to age. They are often tastier and easier to drink than simple vodka and often come in attractive bottles which make for an attractive gift.

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