Jewish Cemetery in Chełm

Covering an area of 2.3 hectares and dating back to 1694, the Jewish Cemetery in the suburb of Chełm is one of the oldest in Poland. Surviving WWII intact, it was the Poles who did the dirty and destroyed almost all of it when it was finally closed in 1956 and a mindless process of destruction began. Having been bulldozed, smashed and robbed, now all that remains are a few broken sandstone headstones (mazevot) out of the thousands that once all pointed towards Jerusalem and a single, burned-out ohel, now a popular meeting place for the area's vodka-drinking youth. Restoration of the cemetery is already underway under the care of the local Jewish community including plans to return it to its original use.

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Jewish Cemetery in Chełm Comments

  • I think that having a map showing Chelm as practically on the Baltic is very disconcerting.I really the succinct telling of how it is with the Jewish cemetery in Chelm. Well done on that!


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