Althaus Kuchnia Bawarska

Althaus Kuchnia Bawarska

Note that this has closed and has been replaced by Trattoria Basilico.

A bright and attractive spot on the main street is the setting for Gdynia’s first self-proclaimed Bavarian restaurant. Plenty of attention has been paid to some of the details with attractive, friendly Frauleins in authentic dress serving you at chequered tableclothed tables with Brauhaus music playing courtesy of Bavaria World Service radio (really!). The problem is that while they have created a perfectly acceptable atmosphere, the owners have rather missed the point. What do you think when you hear Bavarian restaurant? Steins of beer and a menu of gut-busting dishes, most involving pork. While the pork knuckle (Golonka) was good, particularly as it is one of the few places we’ve seen in Poland where it is prepared with a crispy skin, the draught beer options ran to Paulaner and Zywiec, a mass-produced Polish brand that any self-respecting Brauhaus wouldn’t allow through the door let alone behind the bar. These are still early days and hopefully this won’t become another to join the, disappointingly long, list of restaurants/bars that invested heavily in presentation and lightly in substance.


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Althaus Kuchnia Bawarska Comments

  • Althaus' atmosphere is certainly attractive and cheerful. Regrettably, the food is insipid. That might be more acceptable, if at least it could be washed down with excellent beer.


Open 12:00 - 23:00, Sun 12-21.


ul. Świętojańska 81, Gdynia


(+48) 58 713 73 73


Wi-fi Takeaway Facilities for disabled Child-friendly Non-smoking

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