Cracow Chocolate Factory

This old school chocolatier is essentially a mini-factory that makes a truly impressive array of sweet souvenirs on site each day. Cleverly luring clients by using its enormous shop-front windows to reveal the charming goings-on of its Wonka-esque workshop filled with chocolate churning machines and workers icing chocolate hearts in plain view, visitors enter to discover an elaborate shop filled with delicious treats in every direction: truffles, pralines, chocolate postcards, figurines and more. An escalator and elevator whisk you upstairs to the cafe, where we recommend a taste of the delicious hot chocolate flavoured with amaretto and cinnamon. 

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Cracow Chocolate Factory Comments

  • They have milions kinds of chocolates and pralines, moreover, you can drink a real melted chocolate upstairs, in a coffeeshop. It is the best place for me to buy souvenirs for my friends (e.g.chocolate shoes!!:))
  • I cannot wait to go back to Krakow in September so that my friend and I can visit the chocolate factory again. The many chocolates I bought last year did not last very long. There were fantastic.
  • Amazing chocolates! So many choices; too little time. We would never have even gone in if A. Szymanski, hawking the wares outside, had not been so very persuasive. We are glad he was! Don't miss it...and note the special history of this particular chocolate.
  • Visited this chocolate shop when in Krakow recently. Purchased chocolates which had amazing fillings. Wish I had purchased more. Will need to visit Krakow again lovely city.


Open 10:00 - 22:00.


ul. Szewska 7


(+48) 502 09 07 65


Wi-fi Takeaway Non-smoking

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