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Local Likes & Dislikes

Local Likes & DislikesWieliczka Salt Mine takes the top spot.
In June 2011, Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper invited 21 journalism students from City University London to visit the country’s largest cities and chronicle their experiences as tourists – using Polish services, interacting with Poles, and travelling around each city. Dubbed Misja 21 (Mission 21), in addition to having the foreign students constantly blogging and posting about their daily experiences in PL, the project also elicited excited input from local residents, including their votes on the top five ‘likes and dislikes’ in their own cities. More about Misja 21 can be found on Facebook, Twitter and at, while below we’ve listed what the locals had to say about Kraków:

Top 5 ‘Likes’:

1. Wieliczka salt mine. Topping the list is one of Małopolska’s most popular and oft-visited attractions. Spectacular enough to make the first cut of UNESCO-inducted world attractions, it’s worth noting how proud Cracovians are of Wieliczka, despite the fact that it’s not even in Kraków.

2. View of the Market Square from St. Mary’s Basilica tower. Interesting choice, since this is a view that almost no one gets as the tower is not open to the public. Go to the balcony of the Sukiennice’s Café Szał instead (C-3).

3. New museums: Schindler’s Factory, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rynek Underground. The investment that Kraków has made in culture the past few years has been astounding and these three museums are top-notch.

4. The Wisła River Boulevards. A fantastic place to stroll, cycle or sunbathe in summertime.

5. Plac Nowy. Why do people like Plac Nowy (D-6)? In addition to its historical significance, being surrounded by great bars, and serving the best zapiekanki in Poland, we’d like to think that part of it might be due to the fact that this Kazimierz market is one of the only square’s left in Kraków that hasn’t been recently sanitised by renovation. Unfortunately, however, change looks to be on its way with the recent removal of market stalls from the small adjacent square seeming to indicate that the funding needed to refurbish the square has finally been acquired. Don't be surprised if you see this landmark under renovation during 2012.

Top 5 ‘Dislikes’:

1. Main train station and surrounding area. Currently under construction and very inconvenient, this ranking is likely also a reaction against the building of Galeria Krakowska, which has turned the entire area into a confusing shopping mall maze.

2. Horse-drawn carriages and melex cars in the Old Town. Personally, we’ve nothing against the horse-drawn carriages, we just can’t understand why not a single one of them has come up with the obvious concept of including an English-language tour with the route. If you want information about what you’re seeing, you have to hop on one of the electric cart tours, of which we agree there are way too many, and they are completely obnoxious.

3. Szewska Street by night. One of the Old Town’s main clubbing streets (B-3), you have to sleep in the bed you make here, people.

4. Czesław Dźwigaj’s monuments. Likely a reaction against the favouritism shown by City Council in awarding every monument commission to this professor of the Academy of Fine Art in Kraków. Recently known for the arbitrarily unpopular monument of Piłsudski on ul. Retoryka (A-3) and numerous sculptures of the Pope JPII all over the country and abroad.

5. Szkieletor. Kraków’s tallest building at 92 metres, the construction of this skyscraper (located near Rondo Mogilska, K-2) was aborted in 1981 due to economic constraints. A horrible blight on the skyline, the building became known as ‘Szkieletor’ for its concrete framework resembling a skeleton, and today is used as an advertising billboard in addition to being symbolic of the success of the Soviet-era in PL.

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