Semper Felix

Hard to say what the spirit of this place is without turning up in the middle of the night, but by 22:30 on a weeknight, Semper Felix had already gathered a few barflies, lured by the open disregard of the non-smoking policy and the friendly barmaid matching them drink for drink. The interior is small and confused, combining bad impressionist canvases with large concert photos of Tom Waits, in what is essentially a dive bar notable for little other than its cheap drinks and lack of closing time. Presumably a place (read: not the place) to go when everywhere else in Kaz has thrown you out and you're too gone to go home, that criteria is harder to meet than you think and this isn't much of a reward.

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Semper Felix Comments

  • Czy Piotr nadal jest w klubie szczesliwych? Jesli tak to moze napisac pare slow pod podnizszym adresem.Pozdrowienia Danuska


Open 24hrs.


ul. Bożego Ciała 9


(+48) 513 06 79 96


Wi-fi Live Music Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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