Liberally packed with a mix of foreigners and foreign-friendly folks, this modern upstairs bar is good place to mingle is you're feeling overwhelmed by your lack of local language skills. Sleek, stylish and full of steamy photos, 'Polygamy' features the longest bar in Kraków to prop your elbows on, plus over 40 varieties of beer including local microbrews and foreign ales. There are also several TVs if you and the lads are looking for someplace a bit different to catch the match; consider reserving a table if it's a weekend.

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Poligamia Comments

  • A really good place to grab a pint, friendly atmosphere, nice, English speaking bartenders, confortable sofas, free wi-fi access, and a huge offer of local beers. Something you won't probably get anywhere else.


Open 15:00 - 24:00, Thu, Fri, Sat 15:00 - 02:00, Sun 17:00 - 24:00.


ul. Dietla 97


(+48) 793 64 04 46



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