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Kraków CinemasKijów.Centrum - Kraków's largest (non-IMAX) projection screen.
Kraków is blessed with a surprisingly large number of independent art-house cinemas right in the city centre. With diverse repertoires throughout the year which include thematic film cycles and directorial retrospectives, Kraków's independent cinemas also participate in several film festivals which visitors should keep an eye out for throughout the year, including the 'International Festival of Commercials and Advertising' (March), the 'International Short Film Festival' (May) and the 'Etiuda & Anima' festival of short documentaries and animation (November). Film buffs will find a considerable amount of charm in visiting small historic cinemas like Pod Baranami and ARS, however for the latest Hollywood releases you'll have to visit one of the shopping mall multiplexes like Cinema City in Galeria Kazimierz. Unlike places like Russia (ahem), Polish cinemas show international releases in their original language with Polish subtitles. However, most animated films, including those for adults, will be dubbed, so fair warning. Tickets generally cost 15-25zł, but can be had for significant discounts at the independent cinemas, especially during 6zł summer film cycles.

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