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Kraków Shopping

While Kraków cannot be considered a shoppers' paradise in the traditional sense, its artsy reputation makes it a great place to pick up antiques, artwork and jewellery. Areas of note include Kazimerz and the open air markets - particularly Plac Targowy (Hala Targowa, E-4). For typical Cracovian souvenirs head to the Cloth Hall in the centre of the main square (C-3, open 10:00 - 19:00): find all manner of glasswork, lace, amber, wood carvings, local sweets and stuffed dragons. For the generic western experience you can hit one of the shopping malls we list, however throughout this section we've made a concentrated effort to focus not on recognised, international brands and franchises, but unique, home-grown businesses; so we encourage you to put your money where their mouth is. As this is PL, remember many shops close early on Saturday and take Sunday off altogether.

Below we’ve tried to identify some uniquely Polish (and/or Cracovian) gift ideas for everyone on your list:


Two words: jewellery and chocolate. For the first choose a beautiful piece of 'Baltic gold' from World of Amber, and for the second head to Cracow Chocolate Factory for some local sweets that are both artistic and delicious.


If you really want to spoil your man, head to Wittchen and outfit him in a luxury leather jacket, or perhaps something more practical and affordable like a hand-made wallet. If hubby has a taste for tipples, head to Szambelan where you can decant one of their exclusive meads, absinthes or flavoured vodkas into a handsome gift bottle.


Amber always wins with women, so stop at World of Amber to pick out a pendant mom will be proud to wear. All moms also love Bolesławiec folk pottery, so head to Dekor Art.


As a man matures he needs a good hat, no? The Chorąży hatmaker’s workshop has a surprisingly stylish assortment of hand-made hats that would look great on Dad. Or try any Kraków 'Antykwariat' for something old, odd and aesthetic that might be more Dad’s style. If that fails, try what the Poles do when things aren’t working out: vodka.


The appeal of amber will hold true for any woman on your list, or how about a stylish leather handbag from Słon Torbalski? If sis is a bit of a bookworm, head to Massolit's Polish literature section to pick out something of local interest.


For home boy hit Idea Fix and peruse their collection of locally designed hoodies, t-shirts and other urban gear. If your brother’s more of an intellectual, search for a unique 3-player chess set, or fine-crafted traditional chessboard in the stalls of the Cloth Hall. If the young man’s an artist, pick out an avant-garde Polish film or theatre poster from the vast collection at Galeria Plakatu.


Historically, 'childhood innocence' hasn't been a very long-lived developmental stage amongst Poles. Apparently a privilege of the rich, what few toys there are for sale in PL are outrageously expensive compared to everything else. If the kids are infants, head to Bajo for some locally-made wooden toys or Galeria Bukowski for a Cracovian teddy bear. In CiuCiu they can make their own candy, or choose some goodies from anywhere in our Food & Sweets section.


The land of babcias has plenty that will please the old folks back home, including linen and lacework from the Cloth Hall, Bolesławiec folk ceramic from Dekor Art or local jarred foodstuffs from Krakowski Kredens.

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