Galeria Kazimierz

Opened in 2005, Galeria Kazimierz is still the most likeable shopping centre in town. GK boasts over 130 retail units including media giants EMPiK and Euro RTV AGD, dozens of fashion outfitters like H&M, Zara and Simple, cosmetic specialists Sephora, revered jewellers W. Kruk and Swarovski, the upscale Alma supermarket, real restaurant ambience in Jeff's American diner, plus plenty of quick eating opportunities. For recreational needs Galeria Kazimierz also touts a ten screen Cinema City complex with a fitness club underneath it. Situated next to the Kazimierz district the mall is easily accessed on foot; those arriving by car have 1,600 paid parking spaces to pick from.

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Galeria Kazimierz Comments

  • we found this shopping mall by accident on a recent visit to Krakow. It was very bright and airy and had that much missed shop C@A!! It was within walking distance of the local sights and just beside the river.Worth a visit.


Open 10:00 - 22:00, Sun 10:00 - 20:00.


ul. Podgórska 34


(+48) 12 433 01 01


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