Łódź Kaliska Bus Station [Dworzec PKS Łódź Kaliska]

The Łódź bus station took up the eastern part of Łódź Fabryczna train station, and since it’s under renovation buses have been scattered around town. Express buses depart from Łódź-Kaliska (there is parking in front of the post office) and tickets can be purchased from the booking office which is open 5:00 - 20:00 Mon-Friday and 5:30-20:00 on the weekends. There is no left luggage, but you will find toilets and kiosks for transport tickets and mobile phone needs. In addition to Kaliska there is another bus station, Dworzec Północny PKS, located at ul. Smugowa 30/32. Note that all buses to Warsaw leave from Kaliska. Departure locations for buses to Lublin and other destinations should be checked via the website or phone number that are listed under Łódź Kaliska bus station. 

Getting to Town
If you arrive at Łódź-Kaliska you have your choice of taking a taxi from the rank outside or cheaping out and taking the tram. Take trams 12 or 14 to get to the neighbourhood of Piotrkowska. Bus 98 is also an option.  

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Al. Włókniarzy (parking in front of the post office)


(+48) 42 631 97 06


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