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Out and About: Nightlife in Łódź

Out and About: Nightlife in Łódź
Łódź’s commitment to hedonism is on a par with Poland’s capital. For the unadventurous a straight-forward pub crawl down ulica Piotrkowska is the way to go, though stand advised some of the best drinking dens in town are found squirrelled away in the back streets and side alleys. Follow your nose.

During the warmer months the streets, particularly Piotrkowska, are thronged with beer gardens. Once the chillier weather starts to move in the party shifts back inside and downstairs. For the most part you’ll be paying no more than 8zł for a large beer, and bear in mind that the opening hours we list are flexible: most bars will stay open as long as drinkers are drinking. Clubs often charge an entry fee, many of which are based on what’s on offer that night.

Here are a few ideas depending on what you are looking for:

Swig cocktails with the beautiful people at Buddha Pub, one of the most stylish bars in the city with the clientele to match, or visit Gossip Club & Lounge for true top shelf VIP treatment with 3 bars and a glass ceilinged dance floor to boot!

Check out the gazillion strip clubs that have popped up around town, including the veteran and reigning queen Magnes which promises extreme carnal delights. Pub Ferajna  has a true pub atmosphere plus one of the best selection of craft beers in town and ye ole Iron Horse is one of the manlier operations we've experienced in all of Poland. 

Another vote for Buddha Pub for cocktails that will make you weak at the knees. Couples that like to kick up their heels should check out the intimately-named Bedroom to shake their groove things among the city’s most stylish residents.

One of our favorite local haunts, Chmielowa Dolina is your best bet for local micro-brews as well as the finer pints from Czech, Belgium and beyond.  And Owoce i Warzywa Klubokawiarnia is the best haunt around to rub shoulders with the eccentric side of Lodz's bohemian undergound. 

Off the wall
Lodz has no shortage of curious locales. Lodz Kaliska is a legend, and the madness is hard to imagine until you experience it. And newcomer Shotme serves up some of the strangest sprinkle-coated shots we’ve ever tried.

All Nighter
If you're still roaming the streets past your bedtime and still looking for some action, head back to ye ole Iron Horse for a few more guilt beers. If you're looking to go high class in the wee small hours nothing beats the illustrious Loża Club to load you up for that champagne stumble into the sunset.

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