A true editorial favourite. Weaknesses include lumpy beds, dodgy sound proofing and ineffective heating, but frankly, who cares. Faults are offset by the most charismatic lodgings in Łódź. From the moment you enter this restored palace guests are treated to a feast of pre-war opulence, with antique telephones, hardwood floors and historic treasures plucked from galleries and auction houses. The staff, dressed in Gosford Park skivvy attire, are superb, while the rooms are a fit of creativity. Check into the Heather Room for accommodation that include a canopied bed, or into the suite for perks like a standalone bathtub set on four iron claws. A memorable experience.

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ul. Wigury 4/6


(+48) 42 636 86 86



3 Total rooms
2 singles
2 doubles
1 apartment

Conference facilities Restaurant Guarded parking

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