A nightclub inside an Indian restaurant? An Indian restaurant inside a club? Thankfully it’s a question we no longer have to ask as Buddha has decided to play to its strengths as a club and dissolve the less successful dining enterprise. The space itself is a knockout, with a giant carved wooden bar, enormous gold Buddha and endless cushion-covered benches and nooks to hide with your drink. Students seem to have claimed this space as their own, and on weekends its consistently busy (just try to flag down the bartender on a Friday night).

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Buddha Comments

  • 10/11 November night. We went to buddha with friends. I had been there before about twice. The club has great appearance and I really had liked it. But what I saw, and what I experienced that night was pathetic!Climate: There was 2 pretty hot girls on the floor. The group of drunk, bold and black-weared men came to them (probably there was some of security). They want to pull the attention on them, so one of them put the glass down on the floor. Girls smiled, there was conversation ;pSecurity guard came near a DJ, and started to turn the dials! DJ has been scared and done nothing!One moment, I saw a drunk guy doing some mess, he looked at me and hit my head! I tried to calm him down. Pointless. I went to find a security. I found manager, told him that there is a situation. He showed me a security guard and I showed at the agressive guy (he was hitting someone else at the moment). The security guard told me: -You'll better go away.- But do sth! See what he is doing!- But he is from security too.- So you've got nice security... maybe you should calm down your friend?- (sth like) Get the fuck out of here if you don't want me to crash your face!Manager have seen the situation and done nothing!


Open 19:00 - 04:00, Sun 14:00 - 22:00. Closed Mon, Tue, Wed.


ul. Sieroca 10


(+48) 601 66 31 51



Credit Cards Facilities for disabled Smoking place Air-conditioning

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