Kriek Belgian Pub & Cafe

If ever we were pushed to name a favourite bar then this would be up there. Setting it apart is a collection of 170 Belgian beers, admirably promoted by Sławek, a gregarious giant whose principal aim is to spread the good gospel of lager. Permanently cast in shadow, Kriek is a sure-fire winner, and a hefty bill is as expected as the heavy head that follows. Highly recommended.

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Kriek Belgian Pub & Cafe Comments

  • Yes, visit this Belgian bar while in Poznan! It's an absolute must. Great selection and excellent barman. We liked the environment, very chill. We'll be back soon!
  • The beer here is superb.
  • Amazing selection of beers delicious food and warm hospitality!
  • I came by this place purely by chance and have found an absolute gem. He has more beers than you can imagine, the food is fantastic ( perogies are some of the best in Poznan, maybe even Poland) the service is unbelievable( the owner named Slawek pays attention to everything and is an exception in Poland where service usually isn't very good) For those new to Belgian beer ( like i once was) simply explain to him what you like in a beer and he'll find you a beer that you love. He plays any sport on TV so if you need to see that game, this is the place to come. I've been back a few times and i cant complain about anything, 5 Stars for sure.
  • Probably the best bar in Poznan and possibly the best bar in all of Poland.Up to 120 differnt Belgian beers to try in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.See how many you can sample!!!A must for all beer lovers when in Poznan
  • Great beers and excellent service. Decor is a bit feminine and reflects original business plan prior to switching to Belgium Beer Haus, but that's okay, the beer makes up for it. Excellent addition to the city of Poznan!


Open 16:00 - 02:00, Fri, Sat 16:00 - 04:00, Sun 16:00 - 24:00.


ul. Wodna 23


(+48) 508 26 75 70


Wi-fi Facilities for disabled Non-smoking

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