Sherlock Pub

A long-standing pub decked out to look like a stereotypical London boozer. The old place has seen some heavy nights and while its location and design might see it forced down your list of places to visit by the brighter lights and sights available on the nearby Monte Cassino, this place ticks the right boxes on those days when there’s a game of football on the TV. With options limited in terms of venues which offer a comprehensive range of televised sports, Sherlock wins marks for three screens and a couple of satellite decoders although at other times it can feel and look like the pub the world forgot.

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Sherlock Pub Comments

  • Went in a couple of weeks ago at peak time; about 11.30pm saturday. There was one bar-fly slumped on a bar stool and the 2 beers on tap were both off. We were told it was closing at midnight.A shadow of its former self. Surely due to bite the dust soon. Bars more than 20 yards off Montecassino seldom survive these days.


Open 15:00 - 03:00, Fri, Sat 15:00 - 05:00.


ul. Podjazd 3, Sopot


(+48) 509 84 56 47


Fireplace Non-smoking

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