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Ask Your ConciergeLukasz Ciemuchowski of the Intercontinental
Dear Guests, visitors to Warsaw and readers of Warsaw In Your Pocket, 

As concierges we’re often faced with the questions: What to do? Where to go? What to see? Well here come some answers for the months ahead.

If you are going to stay in Warsaw during April or May you should know about a very educative exhibition called Bodies Revealed. It is open throughout both months and offers a huge amount of information about the different systems of the human body.

If you prefer a different kind of entertainment I would recommend visiting the Congress Hall in the Palace of Science and Culture - especially on April 11 when it will host the Irish show - Gaelforce Dance. Once you’ve heard Irish folk music you’ll never forget it. And when it’s accompanied with superb dancers it makes it all the more memorable an experience. 

The second date in your calendar should be the April 26 as the same venue hosts a show entitled ‘Movie Music Concert’. Included in the programme of music will be the compositions of Hans Zimmer and John Williams.

For those of you looking to listen to classical music I would recommend the annual Festival of Ludwig Van Beethoven. Running from April 6 to 18, the Warsaw Philharmonic will host the 18th Festival and it has plenty to offer. During this time musicians from Poland and many other countries will perform and concerts will be held every day.

While April is the month when the weather is uncertain and you do not know quite what to expect May is usually the time when you are encouraged to spend time outdoors.

My first suggestion is to visit the illuminated Fountains Park. But as I am writing this article the schedule of the concerts is not known so I advise to ask your concierge to check that for you.

Some say that May is the most beautiful month of the year as one can feel the unique freshness in the air. To experience this, I strongly recommend a stroll in the Royal Lazienki Park or if you want something a little more challenging then why not rent a bike for the day and visit the Kampinos forest which neighbours the city in the north and which nowadays is a National Park and reservation.

After a long and intensive day of exercise, business meeting or sightseeing I suggest taking a trip up to the Jacuzzi on the 43rd floor of our hotel (the Intercontinental Warsaw), where you can enjoy breathtaking views of Warsaw and contemplate what you’ve heard and seen in our city that day.

However you spend your time in our city, I wish you a pleasant stay and don’t forget that my colleagues in the Golden Keys and I are there to help make your visit pass as smoothly and as enjoyably as possible. Do not hesitate to ask us for help or advice.

Lukasz Ciemuchowski

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  • Pan Mazur - USA 08 October 2010
    Great article. As a frequent guest at the Hotel Bristol I can personally vouch for the importance of a good concierge staff. I can also vouch for the GREAT concierge staff at the leMeridien Bristol! Mr. Biales and his staff are, perhaps, the most competant concierge staff in the city. No request is too big or too small. They make things happen when it seems impossible. You picked the cream of the crop, inyourpocket, when you went to the Bristol concierge staff for answers!

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