La Playa in Warsaw
2012-05-25 - 2012-09-30

La Playa in Warsaw
The La Playa Music Bar has been opened for the 7th time and the good news is that it's for the whole summer. A unique music club situated at the Vistula riverside, it’s an attractive alternative if you're in the capital this summer. La Playa offers the possibility to spend time outside, play beach volleyball, frisbee and badminton tournaments, use the skimboard track or just chill out on a deck chair. So give yourself a day off at the beach, relax with a drink and listen to chillout music and take in the view of the old town over the river. Every Sunday features Fiesta en La Playa, a party with Cuban salsa music where you can learn the Latin steps. Special events are as follows: on August 17 is the Ibiza Project with top DJs; August 3rd welcomes Pete Heller, one of the best music and dance producers. On 4th August there's the Birthday Zumba Marathon; Zumba, if you're not sure, is a mix of dance and fitness to latino rhythms.

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