Buddha Indian Restaurant

Buddha really impressed when they opened up a couple of years back giving us very good Indian food right in the heart of the city. The decor is lush and extravagant, and the curries follow a similar suit with a spicy slap that puts them at the top of our list. The rest of the menu is monstrous, but helpfully benchmarked with symbols for hot, vegetarian and even kid-friendly dishes. Don't miss their weekday lunch specials from 11:00 - 15:00 for just 20 zł and on Sundays 12:00 - 17:00 there's 25% discount on menu items but make sure to book in advance.


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Buddha Indian Restaurant Comments

  • Just got to see this article on Indian cuisine in Poland. Good read. Indian Cuisine: Wooing Poland, one dish at a time http://theindiandiaspora.com/news-details/Spotlight/primary_news/indian-cuisine-wooing-poland-one-dish-at-a-time.htm
  • Good option for Vegeterians more so because it is spicy. I love spicy food. It difficult to get a nice spicy Indian meal in this part of Europe.
  • its fraud all please dont go to this rersturant realy bad
  • very Nice and beautiful place. In my city for food related services i used www.delightbite.com for better search of restaurant. but Buddha is best One in my Experiences.
  • very interesting......
  • Excellent Restaurant i ever been Yet in my life.Very sad only in warsaw poland. why not in my place and other many country. Food N service excellent with indian Music N Lovely atmosphere.All the best. Keep it up
  • This place seems to have gone downhill IYP. The food was ok but absolutely nothing special and the service was arrogant. As you note elsewhere, Ganesh on ul. Poznanska is much, much better both for food and value for money. And the waitresses there are far nicer as well.
  • really bad and oily food. i love and miss indian food so much I tried about 4 times over and over and finally just asked for my money back and never went back. too bad. so close. so oily - - bad!
  • Excellent spicy food and very good service. The ambience is enhanced by Indian-influenced decor. We enjoyed our meal and would recommend this restaurant to anyone keen on Indian cuisine.
  • Excellent, authentic Indian food, nice ambience and great service...!!
  • Good location, reasonable food and interesting decor. On the bad side, one of the chefs is stark raving mad.
  • Interior is a bit kitchy, but the food is heavenly... We were a party of six, had a long dinner and everyone was satisfied with their food. The service (by an Indian gentleman) was very friendly and prompt.
  • DHIRAJ - this is the Owsome restaurent in poland.
  • I went there with my boyfriend harry and the food was great we will go back again
  • this is the best restaurent in poland
  • I had a dinner with my friends family during my stay in lodz.This is one of the best of best hotel that one can find to have indian food abroad.I wish them all the best & strongly recommend all to taste the nectar :)
  • I think, to try indian food better then in India, must visit Buddha restaurant in warsaw, I am vegetarian and was staying in sheraton hotel, was wondering how to eat some good indian veg. food and was just walking by nowyswiat street, and saw this restaurant Buddha and walked in, was surprised to see the beautiful decor, which cannot be seen even in india,a beautiful black hair lady was there to greet me, I felt as if they knew me since ages, very warm welcome and was asked the preference of seat with smoking options.i selected some veg. starters, and main course, all were fantastic, great taste and good value for money.....anup
  • I am still , thinking was it a dream, or i really had been to such a nice restaurant, really it was a great place to visit, nice music friendly people and great food and very reasonable prices and on the top received a nice gift from them......truely it is the best ......Goksel
  • wow, one of the best place to visit, great indian and thai food excellent ambience and fantastic service.feel like you are in India.keep it up.....


Open 11:00 - 23:00, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 24:00.


ul. Nowy Świat 23


(+48) 22 826 35 01



Wi-fi Takeaway Outside seating Facilities for disabled Child-friendly Non-smoking

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